~ Area Searched Twice ? ~


Submitted on 2009/03/06 at 4:02pm

Brittney’s body was found by a man in Brittney’s mom’s search party. They had also already searched that area before and had not found her body there. So makes you wonder who knew for fact that the area had already been searched and I bet they were thinking that no one would be back there.


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  1. The real fact is Therisa had nothing much to do with the search party. It was i her uncle Butch who put the search party togeather for two week. And where she was found had not been search before. Because every morning i sent groups out in different areas. Even thow i traveled all these gravel roads for years hunting i never thought of Key Stone road. It was a member of the search party that decided to check the road. I’ glad he did. I owe a det of thank’s.For this is the real fact. Thank You Butch Gary

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