~ Area Searched Twice ? ~


Submitted on 2009/03/06 at 4:02pm

Brittney’s body was found by a man in Brittney’s mom’s search party. They had also already searched that area before and had not found her body there. So makes you wonder who knew for fact that the area had already been searched and I bet they were thinking that no one would be back there.


~ Boudreaux Inn ~

Was it a hotbed of illicit activity….prostitution and drugs? Were female inmates transported there and used for their services? Were six of the seven murdered girls involved? Did an unexpected sting….a surprise bust occur there? Who was responsible for the sting? Was the bust indeed covered up….swept under the rug? Why? Was it perhaps because of the participants that were at Boudreaux Inn at the time? Would it have caused a major scandal? Is that where Loretta was killed?

Fact……or fiction?

~ Muggy Brown ~

SilenceDogood, on February 28th, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Is there any support to the story that Muggy Brown had her throat slashed from behind as she sat in the front seat of a car? Is it also a fact that an eye witness went to the sheriff’s department and tried to give a witness statement, only to be refused and turned away because she was determined not to be (possibly by the same deputy that bought the crime scene vehicle) a credible witness? Inquiring minds want to know.